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Cannabis Seeds from many of the top seed companies, including Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds, T.H. Seeds, Seedman Seeds, The Joint Doctor and more, with new cannabis seed varieties being added all the time. 


Cannabis Seeds

Photographs from left to right - Dutch Passion Power Plant, Dutch Passion Flo, Dutch Passion Orange Bud, Dutch Passion Durban Poison, Dutch Passion White Widow, Big Buddha Cheese, Dutch Passion Green Spirit, Lowryder (Auto Flowering) Cannabis Seeds, Dutch Passion Super Haze,  Dutch Passion Purple Star, Dutch Passion Dream Weaver.

Some helpful information on Cannabis Cultivation.

From literature it appears that the growth of a male or female cannabis plant from seed, except for the predisposition in the gender chromosomes, also depends on various environmental factors.

The environmental factors that influence gender are:

It is important to start these changes at the three-pairs-of-leaves stage and continue for two or three weeks, before reverting to standard conditions.


Cannabis Books on most aspects of cannabis cultivation, cannabis horticulture, cannabis cooking, marijuana beer, marijuana horticulture books, plus lots more interesting books covering a wide range of interesting subjects associated with cannabis and other hallucinogenic substances.  


Cannabis Books

Photographs from left to right - Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti, Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World, Mr Nice & Mrs Marks, Marijuana Beer, Gardening Indoors with CO2, Marijuana Horticulture Medical Indoor/Outdoor Bible, Closet Cultivator, Cannabis Cultivation, Green Harvest, Marijuana Jorge's Rx, Opium for the Masses.


Wooden Pipes, Metal Pipes, Smokeless Pipes, Red Eye Pipes, Proto Pipes, Monkey Pipes, Electric Pipes, Acrylic Pipes, Ceramic Pipes, Chillums, Glass Pipes of different designs and colours.  


Assorted Pipes

Photographs from left to right - Skeleton Pipe, Twister Pipe, Monkey Pipe, Bottle Pipe with Leaf Motif, Proto Pipe, Coffin Pipe, Anodized Metal Freestanding Pipe.


Glass Bongs, Metal Bongs, Bukket Bongs, Red Eye Bongs, Black Leaf Bongs, Plastic Bongs, Acrylic Bongs, Wooden Bongs, Ceramic Bongs of all shapes and sizes.



Photographs from left to right - Vapir One Vaporizer, Blue Meanie Vaporizer, 8" Indian Bong, Small Boy Indian Bong with Pistol Grip, Red Eye Rok-it Limited Edition Bong, Ceramic Yoda Bong, Ceramic Smiley Mushroom Bong, Ceramic Revolver Bong, Bukket Bong.


High Life Hookahs - Comet, Mercury, Meteorite and The Titan, plus a range of spares and accessories.  



Photographs from left to right - High Life Meteorite Hookah, High Life Titan Hookah, High Life Comet Hookah


Pipe Screens, Pipe Gauze, Pipe Cleaners and Cleaning Solutions.

15mm Diameter Stainless Steel Pipe Screens (Gauze)


Cannabis Flavoured Skins, Flavoured Papers, Royal Blunts, Sweet Palm Leaf Wraps, Rizla Papers, OCB Papers, Zig-Zag Papers, RIPS, Smoking Papers, Ready Rolled Cones, Highland Cosmic Papers, Highland Double Decadence Papers, Highland Decadence Papers, Highland Headquarter Papers, Highland Giant Papers, Pure Hemp Papers, Roach Books, Smoking Tips and More.  


Rolling Papers/ Roach Books

Photographs from left to right - Chocolate Flavoured Royal EZ Blunts, Highland Cosmic Rolling Papers and Tips, Red Rips, Highland Headquarters Rolling Papers and Tips, Strawberry Flavoured Royal EZ Blunts.


Rolling Machines, Automatic Rolling Boxes, Cone Rolling Machines, Rolling Mats, Rolling Boxes and Trays.  


Herbal Highs, P.E.P. Pills, Funk Pills, Salvia and More.  



Herb Grinders, Snuff Grinders, Snuff Bottles, Weed World Grinders, Crystal Catchers, Pollen Makers, Honey Bee Extractors, Pollen Presses, Bubble Sacs and Bubbleators.  



Compact Digital Scales, Tanita Scales, On Balance Digital Scales, Truweigh Pocket Scales, Proscale and more.  


Digital Scales

Photographs from left to right - Truweigh Digital Pocket Scales, Indian Brass Pan Scales, Proscale Digital Pocket Scales, Tanita Digital Pocket Scales.


Stash Containers, Tobacco Tins, Lighters, Re-sealable Bags, Smelly Proof Bags, Incense, Giftware and Lots More!  


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